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This is my second game ever made. I tried luck in the #LOWREZJAM to push my limits, but is clear that I still lack a ton of knowledge and hit a lot of walls in the process.


ARROW UP: Accelerate
ARROW LEFT: Spin to the left
ARROW RIGHT: Spin to the right
Z: Shoot
X: View items / Cancel
ESCAPE: Quit Game


Travelling across the galaxy, your Hyperspace Jump Module (tm) got damaged and you're now stranded in a asteroid belt in a foreign system.

In order to return to the Solar System, you must destroy some pirate ships and get the scraps. In the nearby space station they will be able to build you a new Module with those scraps.


HUD: There are three bars in the HUD.

  • Red: Speed indicator
  • Orange: Fuel
  • Yellow: Ammo

Radar: The radar shows the nearest items of interest.

  • Red: Nearest Asteroid
  • Pink: Nearest Enemy
  • Green: Space Station

Space Station: To land approach to the landing pad at minimum speed. You'll be able to refuel and get ammo.

  • If you die, you'll lose 25% of your gold and scraps.
  • After dying you'll have the same fuel and ammo as before you died. Be cautious about refuelling at the right time.
  • If you end without fuel and ammo and you can't reach the Space Station nor have gold to refuel, you'll have to restart the game.


The game is made from scratch by me. I used GameMaker studio and sfxr for the sounds.

The title music is 'Underclocked' by Eric Skiff. Creative Commons license.
The end music is 'If I was God' by Josh Penn-Pierson. Creative Commons license.

Yes, my English sucks.


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